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Posted by nama anak islami on Monday, March 18, 2019


Finding Financial Help through Reddit Personal Finance

If you have Reddit, you probably know how much of an essential tool it is for dialogue. After all, you can find information on virtually any subject matter. Today we’re going to talk about Reddit personal finance. It’s a page that offers up valuable dialogue boxes for a variety of subjects related to personal finances such as debt and loans.

Some people have limited experience with how to talk about certain subjects. This is where joining the Reddit personal finance group can come in handy. You will see right now that Coronavirus is a major topic. There are currently 5,600 comments on the Coronavirus thread. If you’re interested in what real people have to say about how Coronavirus is impacting their personal finances, then you will be glad that you Reddit in the first place. You simply need to go to the Reddit personal finance group and join.

Common issues with banks and credit cards

Have you ever had your credit limit lowered for no reason? Other people on this thread have. One participant had their credit lowered from $18,000 to $500 overnight. This is an issue that is particularly contentious for people. If you rely on credit to get by, and most of us do, then you can join this thread and discuss or just browse through the answers. There are plenty of people that discuss credit cards and loans on this forum.

Wondering if now is a good time to make a major purchase

The times they are changing. With this comes people wondering if it’s a good time to make those major purchases, like a car. If you want to know more, you can read other people’s threads. You can even post one of your own if you feel that the other posts are too dated or your purchase isn’t listed on a thread. The great part of this thread is you’ll get an actual discussion.

Are you broke?

Other people have been in this situation too. We live in a world where we have a lot of expenses. You will want to know what other people do in this situation. We have probably all been in a circumstance where we’ve had ten dollars left in the bank. If you need to know how to help yourself out, you can rely on the sage wisdom of your peers. These are also real people who have found themselves in situations similar to yours.

Do you need a money mentor?

Let’s be honest, sometimes people in the same dire financial situation as you can only help you so far. That’s why this thread has plenty of videos from people that are successful with money. For example, there is a talk by Matt Mochary that will help you cope with the stress of handling your money. He goes into the networking of the brain, which can be useful in troubling times such as these that we find ourselves in.